• Connect to yourself!

    It all starts with you!
    Breathing, meditation and grounding exercises

  • Connect to your horse

    Learn the power of soft touch and truly seeing your horse, also energetically.

  • Connected groundwork

    Learn to connect your horse to your breathing so you start walking and playing as ONE.


  • The essence (the why)

    Learning the essence of the gymnastic exercises will help you understand WHY and WHEN to do WHAT exercercise.

  • Step by step (the how)

    Showing all exercises step by step will give you the skills to explain the basics to your horse as well.

  • Every horse!

    Seeing me work with different horses will give you the confidence that your horse can do this too! 


Mini Course

Full course (with support)

Do you want to organize a clinic at your stable?
Invite me for a 1 day clinic (NL only) or 3 day clinic (abroad)
Go to Contact page to send me a message! 


Body Awareness for Riders

Connect to the wisdom of your body through breathing. Become aware of the power of relaxation. Learn to align your spine and move from your centre. Feel your seatbones and understand the effect on your horse.

Body Awareness for Horses

Learn basic anatomy of the spine of your horse. Deepen your connection because your horse feels truly seen. Learn a few simple, yet powerful techniques and help your horse release physical and mental tension.

3-day Balanced Rider & Horse 

The whole package! 

The total package! Body Awareness and Release for Riders and Horses so both you and your horse are relaxed and connected. Now the magic begins! The 3rd day you can do liberty, groundwork, work in hand or riding.

Do you want to help your horse release physical and mental tension?
Join or organize a Masterson Method weekend seminar! 

The Masterson Method is a simple-to-learn series of techniques that will help your horse release physical and mental tension.

Learn these simple techniques that you can apply immediately! Learn the power of soft touch and gentle movement in a relaxed state. Your horse will be forever grateful that you learned this!

For information and registration go to the Masterson website! 


  • Beyond horse massage

    Learn how to work TOGETHER with your horse. Access your horse's nervous system.

  • Everyone can learn this! 

    The techniques are simple, also YOU can learn this!

  • Your horse will love it!

    Deepen your connection with your horse.

Dearest Lucie, no wonder tears are coming - reaction to truthfulness and beauty of truly being ... your body reacts in appreciation and, at times, in flow of great emotion of being noticed ... as the horse does when it comes to realization that you actually make a note of what they are expressing. In my struggles, I came to strongly feel that the horse and the human body are, indeed, very similar beings, maybe not anatomically but in the ways of being. I am so grateful that you are, that I know you and that you found the way to share what you have with us. Thank you from my heart <3! Elena

Elena Cutting


I just love seeing this beautiful way of relaxation, being truly present in our body.

I just cannot now do it any other way. Thank you for showing us another softer and deeper way. I knew horses are sensitive and this way shows us there is no limit to their sensitivity. Horses are a life long work on myself 🙏♥️
Watched all the videos, very happy, beautiful work. Loved the explanations for the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Loved all of it actually <3.

THANK YOU Lucie Klaassen, you are brilliant!

Monica Goold


The True Connection course has helped me get an even better relationship with my horses. People often refer to my horses as Nanna-calm, but now we have taken the connection to the next level ❤️. It was amazing what happened with the horse attitude when I changed my mental approach from "We do this together!" to "CAN we do this together?”

The course is brilliant and I warmly recommend it if you want techniques to monitor and improve your own relaxation and your relationship with your horse and get a view of how your horse sees the connection❤️

Nanna Svane Theisen


Do you ever wonder?
Does my horse really want to be with me ...?

  • Vorden, the Netherlands

  • info@lucieklaassen.com

  • (31) 641 206 107

My dream/vision

I want to make a soulful and inspirational contribution to the horse world where welfare, connection and communication between human and horse are the basis of everything we do with our horse.


My Philosophy

I believe everyone can learn how to connect to your authentic self to become the human your horse WANTS to be with. Understand and feel the depth of the breath, listen to the wisdom of your body and connect from the heart. From that place help your horse become stronger, more balanced, flexible and collected so that you enjoy a healthy life together!


Videos: Jill Bakker
Pictures: Maybel van der Linden and Christa Balk

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