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My journey😊!

I'm an eternal student!
These are some of the people I like to learn from🙏


Academic Art of Riding

Getting feedback from Bent Branderup after doing the squire test😊.

More information about Academic Art of Riding
Visit website of Bent Branderup!

Centered Riding

Centered Riding update clinic with Judy Cross (and some wonderful collegues!)


More information about Centered Riding?
Visit their website!

Masterson Method

Together with Jim Masterson and Vicky Devlin at Masterson Instructor gathering in Tuscun, USA.

More information about the Masterson Method?
Visit the website!






How does True Connection look like😊?

  • Vorden, the Netherlands


  • (31) 641 206 107

My dream/vision

I want to make a soulful and inspirational contribution to the horse world where welfare, connection and communication between human and horse are the basis of everything we do with our horse.


My Philosophy

I believe everyone can learn how to connect to your authentic self to become the human your horse WANTS to be with. Understand and feel the depth of the breath, listen to the wisdom of your body and connect from the heart. From that place help your horse become stronger, more balanced, flexible and collected so that you enjoy a healthy life together!


Videos: Jill Bakker
Pictures: Maybel van der Linden and Christa Balk

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