Magically Improve your Equine Partnership!
Establish Honest Communication
Become a Confident Trainer
Enjoy Playful Togethernes!

Are you ready to TRULY connect with yourself and your horse?

Disclaimer: This path requires some self reflection!

Find TRUE connection

Connect to yourSelf and your horse! The answer lies in finding heart coherence, radiating love and appreciation. Find a state of flow!

Learn 2-way communication

Learn to see the subtle details your horse is giving you and become the safe place your horse will turn to. The more you listen, the more they talk!

Become a

confident trainer

Help your horse to grow stronger, more flexible and find horizontal and vertical balance. Learn to see what exercises your horse needs!

Enjoy playful


When you can train your horse from a place of calmness and relaxation, you can enjoy playful togetherness in everything you do!

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   Do you ask yourself sometimes....?

  • I know about energy, but how does that really work?

    You have been taught to make the wrong thing difficult based on pressure & release techniques, but it doesn't feel good anymore.

    You know there is another way, but you just don't know how to work with energy and intention.

  • I love being with my horse! Does my horse also want to be with me?

    You wonder if your horse wants to be with you or whether he/she is just well-educated.

    You long for a deep and TRUE connection but you don't know what heart coherence is and how to connect from the heart.

  • My horse gets anxious when training. How do I educate my horse from a calm place?

    You have already learned a lot about natural asymmetry and healthy biomechanics

    You want to help your horse get stronger and flexible in groundwork. 

    You learned how to ride a horse, but you never learned how to school your horse.

  • There are so many courses out there! Who can I trust/follow?

    You are intimidated by all the information on the internet, not knowing which ‘trainer’ to follow because of contradicting information. 

    You tried several methods, but nothing has truly worked for your horse, so you feel like giving up.

  • I feel stuck and alone. Where can I get help and support?

    You tried on your own, because there is no instructor available where you live, and you got stuck in ‘wrong’ routines.

    You feel alone in your journey and don't know where to get support.

    Training your horse feels like a struggle and you miss the  joy in your daily horse activity and training.

                                I know how you feel, I've been there!

If you just KNOW that this is the path to go for you,

then see if any of my E-books, courses, webinars or clinics is the right thing for you and your horse!

​How do I change my horse's behavior?

Can I tell you a secret?

Here's the truth.
It's not your horse that needs to change, it's YOU!

 Your horse doesn't care what you do,

your horse cares how you make him/her FEEL.

  • Most methods focus on the horse. They will tell you what to do with your legs and reins to make your horse walk in a certain way, but they don't explain how to listen and feel into your horse.

  • True Connection. You can only connect to another being (human or horse) in as far as you are connected to yourself. Most people have lost the connection to their true self. Breathing is the key!

  • Horses are energy beings. In fact, everything is energy! You both radiate an electromagnetic field from the heart and you need to become aware of your heart coherence and energy field.

  • Brain and nervous system. If you or your horses are stressed or anxious, your brain does not have 'space' to connect! You both need to be calm and relaxed in order to bond and get in a learning state


Hi, my name is Lucie Klaassen

I’m a passionate explorer of self-awareness and growth. Circumstances in my life and my path with horses have inspired me to look deep into myself and find my own truth to questions like “What does it mean to truly connect? How can I listen to my body wisdom and to the wisdom of my horses?”

My vision is to create a safe space where you can reconnect to your heart and body and learn from your horse to become more grounded and present. I love to support and guide you and your horse towards true connection, mutual respect and playful togetherness.  From that place, you can train your horse to become stronger, more flexible, balanced and collected. Now, magic can happen and everything you do with your horse becomes easier and more beautiful!

I have been fortunate to travel the world and teach clinics in 14 different countries.
With my online courses, you can now learn from home in your own time. Do you want to go on a journey with me and find True Connection with yourself and with your horse?

Why me? Read my story and find out why and how I can help you!

What kind of programs do you offer?

Find out if this journey is for you!

  • Connect to yourSelf

    We live so much in our head in out society, that we have lost the connection with our body. Reconnect to your authentic self through breathing, meditation, grounding and become the 'safe place' that your horse really wants to join.

  • Connect to your Horse

    Training does not start in the arena, it's in everything you do with your horse. Grooming, getting your horse out the pasture, putting on a halter. Listen to your horse and learn to see the subtle signals.


  • Connected Groundwork

    The first step is to connect your horse to your breathing. Once you have found that connection, the logical next step is to help your horse become stronger, more flexible and balanced through lateral work and collection.

  • Balanced Riding

If you feel this is for you, then I warmly invite you to join me on a journey!

Check it out! There are digital booksvideosmini-courses and webinars.
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I have done Lucie's connection course and it changed my life in many ways and started me on my journey to a much better and genuine connection with my horse. 


It is amazing that something so familiar to us as breathing can change our lives and our interactions with our horses 

through greater awareness.
Thank you Lucie!

Lisa Rudelic


Watching your online instruction videos, it changed everything! In hand, and when riding.  I breathe, I relax, I listen, and my horse and I become one

That doesn't mean I immediately get what I want, however it means we're listening to each other, connecting, and starting to enjoy a meaningful and safe time/ride/walk together.


Kim Harrison


Loved learning about the coherent optimal  state. The nervous system and fascia release for relaxation

Practising grounding and shaking exercise with my young horse, when out for walks, to help calm myself and him.

If he braces from fear, I softly touch his neck and ask : "Are you with me?" And my horse looks at me and checks in, lowers his head and relaxes.  I love that he does that! 

Renate Nelson


Dedicated to my horse Bombero!

Bombero, my heart horse, my teacher, my friend, the one who took me on this journey and taught me everything I know today.

I'm very grateful that you were part of my life. Because of you, I can make the world a better place for horses and their humans. You are forever in my ❤️!


  • Vorden, the Netherlands


  • (31) 641 206 107

My dream/vision

I want to make a soulful and inspirational contribution to the horse world where welfare, connection and communication between human and horse are the basis of everything we do with our horse.


My Philosophy

I believe everyone can learn how to connect to your authentic self to become the human your horse WANTS to be with. Understand and feel the depth of the breath, listen to the wisdom of your body and connect from the heart. From that place help your horse become stronger, more balanced, flexible and collected so that you enjoy a healthy life together!


Videos: Jill Bakker
Pictures: Maybel van der Linden and Christa Balk

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